TOP500 News

China to Defend TOP500 Title; Samsung Launches Challenge to Intel Operations

Episode 211: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss China's bid to stay atop the TOP500 list and Samsung's surprising takeover of the #1 chip supplier spot.

First Specification for Gen-Z Interconnect Released

The Gen-Z Consortium has released Gen-Z Core Specification 1.0, clearing the way for chip vendors, device makers, and switch manufacturers to develop products based on the new standard.

TPUs Go Public on Google Cloud

Google has announced a beta program to make its in-house Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) available to cloud customers, marking the first time a custom-built machine learning chip will be accessible to a wide array of users.

Sylabs Brings Singularity Containers into Commercial HPC

Tech startup Sylabs Inc. has emerged from stealth mode and released Singularity Pro, the enterprise version of the popular container platform for high performance computing.

Photonic Computing Company Takes Aim at Artificial Intelligence

Chip startup Lightmatter has received an infusion of $11 million from investors to help bring the world’s first  silicon photonics processor for AI to market. Using technology originally developed at MIT, the company is promising “orders of magnitude performance improvements over what’s feasible using existing technologies.”

Chip Startup Looks to Shake Up ARM Server Market

Ampere Computing, a chip startup headed by former Intel president Renee James, emerged from stealth mode this week, announcing it will be delivering a 64-bit ARM processor for the hyperscale market.

IBM Brings V100 GPUs to its Cloud

The popularity of NVIDIA’s Tesla V100 GPUs got another boost this week with IBM’s announcement that it has added them to its cloud offerings.

DOE Solicits Projects for Mystery Exascale Architecture; Atos Gets Big Win in Germany

Episode 210: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman ponder the DOE's mystery Aurora architecture and Atos' 12-Petaflop German installation.

Samsung Launches First Z-SSDs, Targets HPC and AI

Samsung Electronics has released its first-generation Z-SSD product, a high-performance solid state drive that is meant to compete with Intel’s Optane SSDs.

China’s Next Supercomputer May Spoil America’s Plans to Retake TOP500 Crown

According to a news report in People’s Daily Online, China is planning to launch a pre-exascale supercomputer this year that could outperform Summit, a US machine developed for the Department of Energy that is expected to top 200 petaflops when deployed later this year.