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Next Big NSF-Funded Supercomputer Headed to TACC

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) has won the competition for the NSF’s latest leadership-class supercomputer.

HPC Disruptors

In my role as an independent advisor to industry users of high performance computing, I recently helped to coordinate a private gathering of leading industry users of HPC – no HPC centers, or vendors, just the users of HPC in industry meeting as peers. One key topic we discussed was things that might significantly change how industry deploys and uses high performance computing, what I refer to as “HPC disruptors.”

Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Some Surprises for HPC Customers

A slide from what appears to be an Intel presentation delivered in China illustrates the company’s roadmap for its Xeon Scalable Processor, Omni-Path fabric, and HPC server chip line.

DARPA Sets Up Fast Track for Third Wave AI

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced a program that aims to bring new ideas in artificial intelligence to proof-of-concept within 18 months.

Indian Research Community Plans to Add Three More Supercomputers This Year

India is planning to add three more supercomputers before the end of the year as part of Rs 4,500-crore expansion of the country’s HPC infrastructure.

Exascale Computing Project Establishes Machine Learning Center

The US Exascale Computing Project (ECP) has set up its sixth co-design center, this one focused on machine learning (ML) technologies.

AMD May Be About to Beat Intel at Its Own Game

The upcoming battle between AMD’s “Rome” server CPU and Intel’s “Ice Lake” Xeon scalable processor promises to be an interesting matchup. But this time around, AMD could have an advantage it has never had before.

Mellanox Turns in Record Quarter on Strength of Ethernet Business

Mellanox Technologies booked $268.5 million for the second quarter of 2018, establishing a new high-water mark for the company.

AWS Unveils New HPC Instances with Fast Cores

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new set of instances designed for applications that can benefit from high core performance.

Intel and Micron Will Part Ways on 3D XPoint

After six years of joint development on 3D XPoint technology, Intel and Micron have decided to call it quits.