TOP500 News

Distortions, Trends and Quirks in the June 2018 TOP500 List

The TOP500 list is an intensely valuable tool for the HPC community, tracking aggregate trends over 25 years. However, a few observers have noted that recent publications of the TOP500 list have many duplicate entries, often at anonymous sites.

US Regains TOP500 Crown with Summit Supercomputer, Sierra Grabs Number Three Spot

FRANKFURT, Germany; BERKELEY, Calif.; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—The TOP500 celebrates its 25th anniversary with a major shakeup at the top of the list. For the first time since November 2012, the US claims the most powerful supercomputer in the world, leading a significant turnover in which four of the five top systems were either new or substantially upgraded.

Thomas Sterling Talks Exascale, Chinese HPC, Machine Learning, and Non-von Neumann Architectures

On Wednesday evening at the ISC High Performance conference, HPC luminary Dr. Thomas Sterling will deliver his customary keynote address on the state of high performance computing. To get something of a preview of that talk, we caught up with Sterling and asked him about some of the more pressing topics in the space.

Sandia Set to Break Petaflop Barrier with ARM; A Preview of ISC18

Episode 229: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman preview ISC18 and take a look at the new petaflop ARM system announcement out of Sandia National Labs.

Fujitsu Completes Prototype of ARM Processor That Will Power Excascale Supercomputer

Fujitsu has produced the initial version of the ARM processor that will be used in Post-K, Japan’s first exascale supercomputer.

IBM Demos AI Debater That Can Hold Its Own Against the Pros

An impressive demonstration of an artificial intelligence system that can debate humans was witnessed by an audience at a recent IBM event in San Francisco.

Cray Unveils All-Flash ClusterStor Solution

Supercomputer-maker Cray has announced the ClusterStor L300F, a Lustre-based SSD storage system that joins a growing list of all-flash solutions.

Sandia to Install First Petascale Supercomputer Powered by ARM Processors

Sandia National Laboratories will soon be taking delivery of the world’s most powerful supercomputer using ARM processors. The system, known as Astra, is being built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and will deliver 2.3 petaflops of peak performance when it’s installed later this year.

MIPS Acquired by AI Startup Wave Computing

Wave Computing, one of the myriad Silicon Valley startups designing custom-built hardware for artificial intelligence, has bought MIPS Tech Inc.

Penguin Computing Sold to Holding Company; MareNostrum Supercomputer Gets IBM Upgrade

Episode 228: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze the unexpected acquisition of Penguin Computing, MareNostrum's upgrade, and stories to watch at ISC.