China Extends Lead in Number of TOP500 Supercomputers, US Holds on to Performance Advantage

BERKELEY, Calif.; FRANKFURT, Germany; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.— The 54th edition of the TOP500 saw China and the US maintaining their dominance of the list, albeit in different categories. Meanwhile, the aggregate performance of the 500 systems, based on the High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, continues to rise and now sits at 1.65 exaflops. The entry level to the list has risen to 1.14 petaflops, up from 1.02 petaflops in the previous list in June 2019.

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The List

11/2019 Highlights

Since June 2019 only Petaflop systems have been able to make the list. The total aggregate performance of all 500 system has now risen to 1.65 Exaflops.

Two IBM build systems called Summit and Sierra and installed at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California kept the first two positions in the TOP500 in the USA.  

The share of installations in China continues to rise strongly. 45.6 % of all system are now listed as being installed in China. The share of system listed in the USA remains near it's all time low at 23.4 %. However, systems in the USA are on average larger, which allowed the USA (37.1%) to stay close to China (32.3%) in terms of installed performance.

There were no changes to the top of the list at all. The first new system shows up only at position 24! It is an IBM Power based system utilizing NVidia Volta GV100 which allowed it to capture the No 3 spot on the Green500 list.


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