ORNL’s Frontier First to Break the Exaflop Ceiling
May 30, 2022

The 59th edition of the TOP500 revealed the Frontier system to be the first true exascale machine with an HPL score of 1.102 Exaflop/s.

The No. 1 spot is now held by the Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the US. Based on the latest HPE Cray EX235a architecture and equipped with AMD EPYC 64C 2GHz processors, the system has 8,730,112 total cores, a power efficiency rating of 52.23 gigaflops/watt, and relies on gigabit ethernet for data transfer.

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Hard Drives Are The Mark Twain Of Technology

After almost two years with data storage giant Western Digital, Ashley Gorakhpurwalla is getting used to the questions.

Hard Drives Are The Mark Twain Of Technology was written by Jeffrey Burt at The Next Platform.

@HPCpodcast: At the HPC User Forum — A Frontier Visit, the State of Quantum and Supercomputing Center Staffing Woes

In this episode of the @HPCpodcast we focus on the HPC User Forum, run by industry analyst firm Hyperion Research and held last week at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The conference included an opportunity to get a viewing of Frontier, newly crowned as the world’s most powerful computer and the first to break the exascale barrier. You may have heard about it. The User Forum covered an array of topics, including the drama involved in getting Frontier over the exascale finish line in time for the mid-year TOP500 list. Also discussed was what comes next for leadership-class supercomputing, the state of quantum computing, and staffing problems at HPC sites that train graduates for careers in HPC and AI and who then jump to big tech companies for more money.

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Kathryn Kelley Joins CASC as Executive Director

June 30, 2022 — The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) has announce that Kathryn Kelley has joined CASC as it’s new Executive Director. For more than three decades, CASC has promoted the use of advanced computing to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness, global security, and economic success. Kelley will work with the CASC […]

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So, You Think You Can Design A 20 Exaflops Supercomputer?

UPDATED* Perhaps Janet Jackson should be the official spokesperson of the supercomputing industry.

So, You Think You Can Design A 20 Exaflops Supercomputer? was written by Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Next Platform.

TOP500 News

GREEN500: Trend of steady progress with no big step toward newer technologies.
June 28, 2021

Although there was a trend of steady progress in the Green500, nothing has indicated a big step toward newer technologies.

The system to snag the No. 1 spot for the Green500 was MN-3 from Preferred Networks in Japan. Knocked from the top of the last list by NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD in the US, MN-3 is back to reclaim its crown. This system relies on the MN-Core chip, an accelerator optimized for matrix arithmetic, as well as a Xeon Platinum 8260M processor. MN-3 achieved a 29.70 gigaflops/watt power-efficiency and has a TOP500 ranking of 337.

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PRACE Software Strategy for European Exascale Systems
Sept. 1, 2021

Building on the successful implementation of the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), the European Commission (EC) has increased its efforts to develop a world-class supercomputing ecosystem in Europe. The EC, EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) and EU Member States have made significant investments in European petascale and pre-exascale infrastructure, have put exascale supercomputers on the roadmap, and are actively exploring new post-exascale architectures. The return on investment will be directly linked to the productivity of end-users in academia, in industry, and in the public sector. Key to this productivity is an ecosystem of user-oriented software: scientific applications and workflows …

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06/2022 Highlights

  • We have a new No 1, the Frontier system at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee, USA. Frontier brings the pole position back to the USA after it was held for 2 years by the Fugaku system at RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, Japan.
  • We also have a new No. 3, the LUMI system at EuroHPC/CSC in Finland, and the largest system in Europe. The third newcomer to the top 10 is at No. 10, the Adastra system at GENCI-CINES in France.
  • The system to claim the No. 1 spot for the GREEN500 is the Frontier Test & Development System (TDS) at ORNL in the US. With 120,832 total cores and an HPL benchmark of 19.2 PFlop/s, the Frontier TDS machine is basically just one rack identical to the the actual Frontier system.

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