TOP500 News

A New NSF System for TACC; Plus Installations at NREL, Hokkaido, and Zimbabwe

Episode 236: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze new system announcements spanning the globe.

Researchers Demo Matrix Multiplication on Memristors

Last month, a team of researcher from University of Michigan and Zhejiang University announced that they have figured out a way to execute HPC-style matrix-vector operations on a memristor-based computer.

The Obstacles of Fielding a Student Cluster Competition Team

Every contest has winners and losers. If you have spent much time following student cluster competitions at HPC conferences, you may wonder, as I have, why some win time and again, while others have a difficult time placing. You may also wonder why some never make it on the field.

Three Xeons in Two Years; Intel Unveils Processor Roadmap

Episode 235: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze Intel's latest chip announcements and its likely roadmap over the next few years.

NVIDIA Breaks New Ground with Turing GPU Architecture

In a bid to reinvent computer graphics and visualization, NVIDIA has developed a new architecture that merges AI, ray tracing, rasterization, and computation.The new architecture, known as Turing, was unveiled this week by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in his keynote address at SIGGRAPH 2018.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Will Install New HPE Supercomputer

The DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is getting ready to deploy Eagle, an HPE SGI 8600 cluster that will deliver a peak performance of eight petaflops.

Zimbabwe to Deploy 300-Teraflop Supercomputer from Inspur

The Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC) is planning to upgrade its 36-teraflop Inspur cluster with a new system that will deliver over 300 teraflops.

Quantum Computing Startup Takes on Tech Giants

Rigetti Computing is planning to deploy a 128-qubit quantum computing system, challenging Google, IBM, and Intel for leadership in this emerging technology.

Intel Lays Out Roadmap for Next Three Xeon Products

Intel used this week’s Data-Centric Innovation Summit to reveal the timeline and technology updates for its upcoming Cascade Lake, Cooper Lake and Ice Lake Xeon processors.

Samsung to Invest $22 Billion in AI, Other Emerging Technologies

Samsung has committed $22 billion over the next three years to fund technology development in artificial intelligence (AI), 5G telecommunications, automotive electronics components, and biopharmaceuticals.