Report on the Fujitsu Fugaku system by Jack Dongarra

June 22, 2020

By Jack Dongarra

The  Fugaku compute s ystem was  designed  and built  by  Fujitsu and RIKEN. Fugaku  富岳 , is  another name for  Mount Fuji ,  created by combining the first character of  富士 ,  Fuji , and  岳 ,  mountain . The system is installed at the  RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R - CCS) in  Kobe ,  Japan .  RIKEN is a large scientific research institute in Japan with about 3,000 scient ists in  seven campus es across Japan. Development for Fugaku hardware started in 2014 as the  successor to the  K computer . The K Computer mainly focused on basic science and  simulations  and modernized the Japanese supercomputer to be massively parallel. The  Fugaku system is  designed to have a continuum of applications ranging from basic science to Society 5 .0 , an  initiative to  create  a new social scheme and economic model by fully incorporating the  technological innovations of the fourth industrial  revolution. The relation to the M ount Fuji  image is to have a broad base of application s and capacity for simulation, data science, and AI — with academic, industry, and cloud startups — along with a high peak performance on  large - scale  applications.

Get the full Fugaku Report here.