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The impact of the U.S. supercomputing initiative will be global

By Dona Crawford; Last July, President Obama issued an executive order that created a coordinated federal strategy for HPC research, development, and deployment called the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). This bold, necessary step toward building the next generation of supercomputers has inaugurated a new era for U.S. high performance computing (HPC).

HPC for Economic Growth and Development

By Cynthia R. McIntyre; This is an exciting period as emerging and frontier market economies (as defined by the financial sector) adopt advanced technologies for economic competitiveness, societal benefit, and scientific discovery. Most notably, these economies are evaluating and acquiring advanced information and communication technologies as competitive platforms for socio-economic benefit.

How One HPC Center Learned to Count

By John West; Given the impact of HPC, it is important that we do everything we can to ensure that we are including the best solutions possible in the technologies that we build, and for that we need to be sure we are asking the broadest sampling of people for their best ideas.

Applying HPC for the benefit of society

By Sharan Kalwani; One of the main reasons I got into computing, admittedly a long time ago, was the potential that I personally saw in using this unbelievably powerful new tool towards addressing the needs of the society we live in.

Diversity in HPC Won’t Improve Until We Start Counting

By John West; I have chosen to work in HPC because the work we do makes the world a better place. As SC has illustrated effectively over the past two years, #hpcmatters.