China Extends Lead in Number of TOP500 Supercomputers, US Holds on to Performance Advantage

BERKELEY, Calif.; FRANKFURT, Germany; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.— The 54th edition of the TOP500 saw China and the US maintaining their dominance of the list, albeit in different categories. Meanwhile, the aggregate performance of the 500 systems, based on the High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, continues to rise and now sits at 1.65 exaflops. The entry level to the list has risen to 1.14 petaflops, up from 1.02 petaflops in the previous list in June 2019.

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Simula Research Lab to Manage Heterogeneous HPC Platform with Bright Computing

Today, Bright Computing announced that Simula Research Laboratory has chosen Bright Cluster Manager to manage its multi-architecture, multi-OS HPC environment. "After a careful evaluation, Simula chose Bright Cluster Manager to provide comprehensive management of eX³, enabling the organization to administer its HPC platform as a single entity; provisioning the hardware, operating systems, and workload managers from a unified interface. Further, the intuitive Bright management console will allow Simula to see and respond to what’s happening in their cluster anywhere, at any time."

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Quantum experiments explore power of light for communications and computing

A team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has conducted a series of experiments to gain a better understanding of quantum mechanics and pursue advances in quantum networking and quantum computing, which could lead to practical applications in cybersecurity and other areas..

EPiQC researchers simulate 61-bit quantum computer with data compression

When trying to debug quantum hardware and software by using a quantum simulator, every quantum bit (qubit) counts. Every simulated qubit closer to physical machine sizes halves the gap in compute power between the simulation and the physical hardware. However, the memory requirement of full-state simulation grows exponentially with the number of simulated qubits, and this limits the size of simulations that can be run..

The List

11/2019 Highlights

Since June 2019 only Petaflop systems have been able to make the list. The total aggregate performance of all 500 system has now risen to 1.65 Exaflops.

Two IBM build systems called Summit and Sierra and installed at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California kept the first two positions in the TOP500 in the USA.  

The share of installations in China continues to rise strongly. 45.6 % of all system are now listed as being installed in China. The share of system listed in the USA remains near it's all time low at 23.4 %. However, systems in the USA are on average larger, which allowed the USA (37.1%) to stay close to China (32.3%) in terms of installed performance.

There were no changes to the top of the list at all. The first new system shows up only at position 24! It is an IBM Power based system utilizing NVidia Volta GV100 which allowed it to capture the No 3 spot on the Green500 list.


List Statistics



Summit - IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 22C 3.07GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband
Sierra - IBM Power System S922LC, IBM POWER9 22C 3.1GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband
IBM / NVIDIA / Mellanox
Sunway TaihuLight - Sunway MPP, Sunway SW26010 260C 1.45GHz, Sunway
Tianhe-2A - TH-IVB-FEP Cluster, Intel Xeon E5-2692v2 12C 2.2GHz, TH Express-2, Matrix-2000
Frontera - Dell C6420, Xeon Platinum 8280 28C 2.7GHz, Mellanox InfiniBand HDR
Dell EMC
Piz Daint - Cray XC50, Xeon E5-2690v3 12C 2.6GHz, Aries interconnect , NVIDIA Tesla P100
Cray Inc.
Trinity - Cray XC40, Xeon E5-2698v3 16C 2.3GHz, Intel Xeon Phi 7250 68C 1.4GHz, Aries interconnect
Cray Inc.
AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI) - PRIMERGY CX2570 M4, Xeon Gold 6148 20C 2.4GHz, NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2, Infiniband EDR
SuperMUC-NG - ThinkSystem SD650, Xeon Platinum 8174 24C 3.1GHz, Intel Omni-Path
Lassen - IBM Power System S922LC, IBM POWER9 22C 3.1GHz, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband, NVIDIA Tesla V100
IBM / NVIDIA / Mellanox