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HPE Sends AI Supercomputer to Belgium

Research university KU Leuven has installed a new HPE supercomputer designed to run artificial intelligence workloads.

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HPE Will Supply ARM-Powered HPC Systems to Three UK Universities

A trio of UK universities will install a set of HPE Apollo 70 clusters powered by Cavium’s ThunderX2 ARM processors. The effort is part of a three-year project, known as Catalyst UK, which is evaluating the potential of ARM-based supercomputing.

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HPE Refreshes The Machine; Google Levels up TPU

Episode 174: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman consider HPE's newest iteration of The Machine, and Google's move to leverage its TPU.

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HPE and SGI Become One

Hewlett Packard Enterprise made it official today, completing the acquisition of SGI that was announced back in August. HPE paid $7.75 per share for SGI, bringing the final purchase price to just over $283 million.

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