Sugons Silicon Cube Won the Innovation Excellence Award

By: Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.

On Nov. 20th, Beijing time (Nov. 19th Local Time),SC19 (The Supercomputing Conference 2019) was held in Denver, Colorado, USA. The theme of the conference is “HPC is now”. During the conference, well-recognized Hyperion Research issued Sugon the Innovation Excellence Award, due to its impressive innovations on “Silicon Cube” series computer. As reported, this is the first time that a Chinese local IT enterprise successfully gains the honor.

As commended by the award committee, Sugon’s new generation of “Silicon Cube” series computer have achieved the world-leading computing density and energy efficiency by adopting the full immersion and phase change liquid cooling technology. Compared with its predecessor, the computer has achieved 10X higher performance of one rack, 10-20X higher computing density, and 4X higher system energy efficiency, and 2X better system energy efficiency.

The goal of the Innovation Excellence Award is not limited to recommend the innovative hardware and solutions, which has been recognized and accepted by users, but also to present the successful application of computing in the field of science and related industry. Demonstrating the return of investment on computing shall help the public to better understand the essential value of computing technology.

This award had been selected and assessed by a steering committee composed of dozens of senior users and experts in the field, specifically includes those experts from California Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech University, Stuttgart University, Ford Motor, general motors, Berkeley National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, etc.

The Innovation Excellence Award has been released for 15 times, and ~100 innovative hardware and applications have been listed. The winners include NVIDIA Tesla VI00 AI Acceleration Card, IBM's micro data center, and the applications for seismic simulation & oil exploration, weather & earth science and so on.

According to related survey, 30 to 50% of the energy consumption of a data center has been utilized for the cooling system in recent years. Compared with the traditional air cooling system, the “Silicon Cube” with the full immersion and phase change liquid cooling technology is capable of saving 30% of the energy consumption of cooling. Meanwhile, the energy efficiency ratio (PUE) can be as green as 1.04 (the average PUE value of the global data center is 1.58).

The full immersion and phase change liquid cooling technology further improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the core components in data center.  This advanced technology can increase the frequency of the CPU by 15 to 20%, bring 20% to 40% improvement on application performance, and reduce the cost of chips by 30% to 60%. More stable temperature for the system operating environment can elongate the life of electronic components inside. Noted that the distinct feature of nearly zero noise computer room could provide a much friendly environment for system operators and users.

In order to address the computing issues on energy consumption, sustainability, reliability, and the high costs of system operation & maintenance, Sugon’s “Silicon Cube” successfully examples the promising solutions with liquid cooling technology, hierarchy-module-3D innovative design. During the R&D of “Silicon Cube” computer, Sugon has accumulated large amounts of future-oriented technology patents. For instance, in the field of “liquid cooling”, it hosts >40 core patents.

Leveraging the excellent energy-saving efficiency and innovative “Silicon Cube” computing architecture design, Sugon has already won the awards of “World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements” and “China's Leading Big Data and Intelligent Computing Enterprise” at the 6th World Internet Conference and the 1st China Super Computing Conference (ChinaSC 2019), respectively.