Sugon Debuts at ISC 2019 with Excellent Supercomputing Strength

By: Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.

As of the most important international conferences in the field of high performance computing (HPC), The ISC High Performance conference (ISC 2019) kicked off at the Frankfurt Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany on June 16.  Themed- Fueling Innovation - this conference highlighted the latest technologies and their applications in the fields of science and business. The conference attracted over 3500 engineers, IT experts, system developers, scientists from around the world.

Sugon, China's leading HPC vendor, under its own theme - "Supercomputer Driving Innovation Development," demonstrated many cutting-edge technologies and products, such as the New Generation of Silicon Cube HPC, Sugon gave a talk at the conference's exhibition.

First appearance of New Generation of Silicon Cube HPC in Europe

The system adopts full immersion phase change liquid cooling technology, which breaks through the cooling bottleneck of intensive calculation. With PUE reduced to 1.04, under the premise of the same computing power, the total energy consumption of the system is saved up to 40%, which makes the energy efficiency ratio a global leading value. The system adopts a heterogeneous computing architecture, with good compatibility and versatility, as well as the broad support for traditional super-calculation fields such as scientific research, simulation, and artificial emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and the Internet.

The system's innovative technology and engineering level have reached the international top level, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign experts and industry professionals, and won unanimous praise. 

HPC Development: From Supercomputer to Supercomputing

In recent years, with the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technologies, the application scope of the New Generation of Silicon Cube HPC has been continuously expanded, playing an important role in many application fields. Dr. Ji Qing, chief scientist of Sugon High Performance Computing Products Department, said at the conference that the current goal of supercomputers is not limited to improving system computing performance, but is more focused on developing their own supercomputer technology. It may be said that HPC develops from supercomputer to supercomputing. She emphasized that the future development of supercomputers included energy efficiency improvement, application expansion, architecture upgrade and intelligent evolution.

Ren Jingyang, Senior Vice President of Sugon,believed that China's supercomputers should master the market demands well, have their technology research layout meet the urgent demands by users and industries, make long-term and stable investment in R&D of core technologies through original innovation, integrated innovation and open innovation, etc, and develop and applicate the core technologies. He said, "As a leading China’s supercomputers company, Sugon adheres to the core principle of technology innovation, cooperates with our upstream and downstream partners to build a comprehensive and advanced computing ecosystem on a global scale, and help China's supercomputer business offer better services to the worldwide customers."