Startup Brews Beer Flavored by Artificial Intelligence

The UK and the rest of Europe may be parting ways, but at least the Brits can drown their sorrows in a rather unique way. A new company based in London is now selling beer designed by a machine learning algorithm. The company, IntelligentX, is promoting their new offering as “the world’s first beer brewed by AI.”

According to the company’s website, they’ve developed a “complex machine learning algorithm” that uses customer feedback to match flavor preferences to brewing techniques. There are four different styles of beers to sample and evaluate.

According to IntelligentX, the algorithm uses a combination of reinforcement learning and Bayesian optimization to tweak the brewing recipe of subsequent batches based on the feedback. The process is ongoing, so the beers will evolve over time. Their goal, besides making their customers happy, is to win a major beer competition, such as CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain.

The video below describes the process.


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