Lenovo is #Winning with TOP500, Green500 and HPCwire

Denver, Colorado, home to SC23, is known for its stunning, picturesque mountaintops. These peaks served as the perfect backdrop for Lenovo’s peak, record-breaking year of wins including placements on the TOP500 and Green500 lists and a number of HPCwire awards.

These wins were intertwined with an already exciting week of Lenovo showcasing how, “Smarter revolutionizes HPC” through engaging booth theater sessions or interactive demos on Neptune™ liquid cooling, digital twins, generative AI, and sustainability. But as the week progressed, the wins just kept coming. And thanks to the support of our customers and partners, Lenovo continues to be an industry leader by producing smarter technology for all.

Lenovo retained the number one position in systems share with 169 on the list, solidifying Lenovo as the number one provider of supercomputers in the world (1 out of 3 systems run on Lenovo HPC). And by “world”, we truly mean it. There are systems in nearly 20 markets including the United States, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Singapore and more. Even greater, Lenovo added new systems including Barcelona Supercomputing Center (#19), LRZ (#52) and BP (#122).

The Flatrion Institute’s Henri system has held the number one spot for the world’s most energy efficient supercomputer since November 2022 and remains there today. The system achieved an energy efficiency rating of 65.40 GFlops/Watt while producing an HPL score of 2.88 PFlop/s. Henri is a Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 with Intel Xeon Platinum and NVIDIA H100 and has 8,288 total cores.

Additionally, Lenovo added another system to the Green500’s top ten – South Korea’s Institute for Basic Sciences system achieved an energy efficiency rating of 45.12 GFlops/Watt. It is composed of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 with AMD EPYC processors, NVIDIA H100 and Infiniband NDR 400.

HPCwire Awards
Lenovo has been a recipient of HPCwire awards for the last seven years. But, this year, we are proud to have broken our own record by winning nine awards. These wins would not have been possible without the trust of our customers and partners and the dedication of those within and outside of Lenovo to bring concepts to reality.

  • Reader’s Choice: Best Use of HPC in Physical Sciences
  • Reader’s Choice: Best Use of HPC in Industry (Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Chemical, etc.)
    • University of Birmingham researchers conducted numerous simulations using its BlueBEAR (Lenovo, with Intel CPUs and IBM Spectrum Scale Storage, supplied by OCF Limited) cluster to find strong evidence for the existence of very low-frequency gravitational waves permeating the universe.
  • Reader’s Choice: Best HPC Response to Societal Plight
    • The National Center for Meteorology of Saudi Arabia led a team comprised of scientists from University of Connecticut, WeMet P.C. and Lenovo to develop and implement a weather prediction system that handles both precipitation and dust storms.
  • Editor’s Choice: Best HPC Server Product or Technology
    • Lenovo ThinkSystem SD665-N V3
  • Editor’s Choice: Top Energy-Efficient HPC Achievement
    • New York City’s Flatiron Institute’s Henri supercomputer topped the list of the world’s most energy-efficient supercomputers. Working with Lenovo and NVIDIA, Henri went from shipping to Green500 #1 in six weeks, as the institute was able to obtain some of the first H100 GPUs for the ThinkSystem SR670 V2 servers.
  • Reader’s Choice: Top HPC-Enabled Scientific Achievement
    • Researchers at the University of Cardiff with colleagues in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, developed sophisticated techniques to identify signals buried in the noisy data collected from the LIGO detectors. A new purpose-built HPC system installed at University of Cardiff is the result of co-design featuring Cardiff researchers from the School of Physics & Astronomy, ARCCA (Advanced Research Computing at Cardiff) support staff, and Lenovo and Logicalis hardware and software architects.
  • Reader’s Choice: Top Supercomputing Achievement
    • Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) working with Eviden, ParTec, Lenovo, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA to deliver MareNostrum5, a pre-exascale system.
  • Reader’s Choice: Top 5 New Products or Technologies to Watch
    • Lenovo Neptune™ Liquid Cooling
  • Reacher’s Choice: Top 5 Vendors to Watch
    • Lenovo

SC23 was one for the record books between list placements, awards, and customer interactions. To get a glimpse into the Lenovo booth, please check out our HPCwire and insideHPC booth videos.

While we revel in all the triumphs of this SC season, Lenovo looks forward to continuing to build and expand relationships with customers and partners so that we can make an even greater impact and have more to share for SC24. See you in Atlanta, Georgia! For more information on Lenovo HPC solutions, visit