Last year we organized the first ISC Big Data Conference and the acceptance of the conference across the high performance and enterprise computing communities has encouraged us to bring you this event once more. This year’s theme, From Data to Knowledge, reflects the fundamental value of all big data applications, encapsulating the challenges as well as the solutions.

ISC Big Data 2014 will present the latest developments in data-centric computing from industry players and researchers, exploring all aspects of that data-to-knowledge path. The conference will feature multiple sessions on Hadoop, a rapidly evolving parallel framework for digesting some of the largest datasets in the world, as well as alternative software frameworks from a growing array of companies. This surge of solutions reflects not only the relative youth of the big data market, but also its application diversity.

The ISC Cloud Conference will take place a couple of days before the big data event at the same venue. A combined passport for both conferences enables a small savings on registration fees. To find out more about ISC Cloud, please visit the website.

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