We launched the ISC Cloud Conference series five years ago when cloud computing was still an unfamiliar concept to a large portion of high performance computing (HPC) practitioners. As many as 250 members of the HPC community attended our first cloud meeting in 2010. These early adopters continue to support the ISC Cloud Conference with their attendance as well as sponsorships.

Once again this forward-looking group of researchers, engineers, consultants, as well as hardware and software providers, will meet this fall in Heidelberg to discuss the timeliest HPC cloud topics and trends. The focus of ISC Cloud in 2014 is the use of HPC clouds for scientific and engineering applications in research and industry.

Our invited speakers are experts with firsthand experience in cloud usage. They will report on the latest achievements in the HPC cloud technologies, provide perspective on their benefits and challenges, and offer practical recommendations about how to best utilize cloud-based computing. They will also lay out a roadmap for cloud computing beyond 2014. 

We invite you to stay for our second ISC Big Data Conference on October 1 – 2 immediately following ISC Cloud, which will be held at the same venue. We offer a combined passport for both events. To find out more about ISC Big Data, please visit the website.

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