November 2004

The 24th TOP500 List was introduced during the Supercomputer Conference(SC2004) in Pittsburgh, PA.

After a close race to the finish line, the DOE/IBM BlueGene/L beta-System was able to claim the No. 1 position on the new TOP500 list with its record Linpack benchmark performance of 70.72 Tflop/s (“teraflops” or trillions of calculations per second). This system, once completed, will be moved to the DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Calif.

It is closely followed by the Columbia system built by SGI and installed at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. Calif. Columbia clocked in at 51.87 Tflop/s. Both systems represent fairly new and exciting technologies, which enabled U.S. manufacturers and research institutions to regain the top spots on the TOP500 list from the Earth Simulator supercomputer, built by NEC and installed in 2002 at the Earth Simulator Center in Yokohama, Japan. The Earth Simulator, with its Linpack benchmark performance of 35.86 Tflop/s, had held the No. 1 position for five consecutive editions of the listing and is now shown as No. 3.

The other positions in the top 10 also showed significant changes, such as the IBM-built MareNostrum cluster installed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, at No. 4 with 20.53 Tflop/s. The list also sees the return of the Virginia Tech X-system. This system was often referred to as ‘SuperMac’ as it is built using Apple’s Xserve servers. It had temporarily disappeared from the listing 6 months ago, due to its unavailability during a major hardware upgrade, and is now listed at No. 7 with its new Linpack performance of 12.25 Tflop/s.

TOP 10 Sites for November 2004

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Rank Site System Cores Rmax (GFlop/s) Rpeak (GFlop/s) Power (kW)
United States
BlueGene/L beta-System - BlueGene/L DD2 beta-System (0.7 GHz PowerPC 440)
32,768 70,720.0 91,750.0
2 NASA/Ames Research Center/NAS
United States
Columbia - SGI Altix 1.5 GHz, Voltaire Infiniband
10,160 51,870.0 60,960.0
3 Japan Agency for Marine -Earth Science and Technology
5,120 35,860.0 40,960.0 3,200
4 Barcelona Supercomputing Center
MareNostrum - eServer BladeCenter JS20 (PowerPC970 2.2 GHz), Myrinet
3,564 20,530.0 31,363.0
5 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
United States
Thunder - Intel Itanium2 Tiger4 1.4GHz - Quadrics
California Digital Corporation
4,096 19,940.0 22,938.0
6 Los Alamos National Laboratory
United States
ASCI Q - AlphaServer SC45, 1.25 GHz
8,192 13,880.0 20,480.0
7 Virginia Tech
United States
System X - 1100 Dual 2.3 GHz Apple XServe/Mellanox Infiniband 4X/Cisco GigE
2,200 12,250.0 20,240.0
8 IBM Rochester
United States
BlueGene/L DD1 Prototype (0.5GHz PowerPC 440 w/Custom)
8,192 11,680.0 16,384.0
9 Naval Oceanographic Office - NAVO DSRC
United States
eServer pSeries 655 (1.7 GHz Power4+)
2,944 10,310.0 20,019.2
United States
Tungsten - PowerEdge 1750, P4 Xeon 3.06 GHz, Myrinet
2,500 9,819.0 15,300.0