The Inside Story of Lattice-CSC, #1 Supercomputer on the Green500

An interview with Dr. David Rohr, a postdoctoral scholar at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS). He is in charge of the GPU-based real-time track reconstruction for the ALICE experiment at CERN.

German HPC Leads European Research

Just before the European HPC community meets in Dublin for the PRACE Scientific and Industrial Conference 2015, the spotlight has fallen on German supercomputing with several announcements about European-wide research which Germany’s Gauss Centre for Supercomputing enables.

China’s 2014 HPC TOP100 list in English

The latest list of the top 100 HPC systems in China has now been released in English, exclusively on The list is released by the Specialty Association of Mathematical & Scientific Software (SAMSS), CSIA.

10 Questions with SC17 General Chair Bernd Mohr

In November 2014, Bernd Mohr was announced as the general chair for the SC17 conference, marking the first time that someone from outside the United States was selected as conference chair.

Why We Care About Industrial HPC

Two years ago I accepted a challenge by Anwar Osseyran from SURFsara in Amsterdam to cooperate on a book about industrial HPC. Not from the classical industrial sense of a supplier, but from the perspective of HPC usage by industry. There are very few centers in the world that serve industry in this way and, as a consequence, little understanding of the science and engineering depth accomplished by the private sector.

An Insider’s View of Financial Modeling on HPC Systems

Back in 2008, the global economy came crashing down sending many organizations and individuals into a state of financial ruin. Three major banks in Iceland collapsed, forcing the country into a deep recession. Fingers were pointed at the banking institutions — bank officers and mortgage lenders were blamed for abusing their fiduciary duties toward their customers by putting indulgence and manipulative greed above the stability of the society.

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This Week in HPC

IBM Powers Up New Servers and India Joins the Petaflop Club

This Week In HPC Episode 71 featuring Addison Snell and Michael Feldman.