Diversity in HPC Won’t Improve Until We Start Counting

By John West; I have chosen to work in HPC because the work we do makes the world a better place. As SC has illustrated effectively over the past two years, #hpcmatters.

The Race to Build the World's Greatest Supercomputer

For the past two years, since June 2013, the top supercomputer in the world has been Tianhe-2. (Its name translates to Sky River—the Milky Way.) Tianhe-2 lives in Guangzhou, China, and on a benchmark test, it reached 33.86 petaflop per second.

Supercomputer installed in a day

Over 100 people converged to assemble Purdue University’s latest research supercomputer, Rice — in a single day!

Fourth Annual Asian Supercomputing Challenge Winners Revealed

The fourth annual Asian Student Supercomputing Challenge concluded last Friday. All 16 teams, nearly 100 students total, were being honored for making it to the final round in the largest student supercomputing contest in the world.

The Inside Story of Lattice-CSC, #1 Supercomputer on the Green500

An interview with Dr. David Rohr, a postdoctoral scholar at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS). He is in charge of the GPU-based real-time track reconstruction for the ALICE experiment at CERN.

German HPC Leads European Research

Just before the European HPC community meets in Dublin for the PRACE Scientific and Industrial Conference 2015, the spotlight has fallen on German supercomputing with several announcements about European-wide research which Germany’s Gauss Centre for Supercomputing enables.

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