ISC Cloud & Big Data is Now Open for Research Paper Submission

The organizers of the inaugural ISC Cloud & Big Data conference are pleased to offer engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and the government the opportunity to be a part of this new forum.

Adaptive Computing Appoints Marty Smuin as CEO

Adaptive Computing, the company that powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, today announced it has named Marty Smuin, the former head of business development and worldwide sales, as CEO.

Enzymes prove no match for supercomputers

Since phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes play a role in many inflammatory diseases, it stands to reason they can usher in a new class of anti-inflammatory medication.

Establishing the Footprint of an African HPC Centre – Creating and Sustaining HPC in South Africa

Increasing investment in research in many western countries is still a matter that sparks debate and maybe even controversy. But increasing research investment in Africa by an African government is a whole new ballgame.

People to Watch 2015: Dr. Ing. Bernd Mohr

For the first time in the history of the Supercomputing Conference, an industry leader from outside the USA will serve as the conference’s general chair. The honor, slated for SC17, goes to Dr. Bernd Mohr, who has previous experience serving the SC Steering Committee, and served as executive consultant for ISC.

The Top 5 Manufacturing Applications

The manufacturing segment is one of the largest markets for high performance computing, globally. In fact, the large product manufacturing sub-segment is the biggest vertical in commercial HPC. All leading automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturers have employed HPC for decades, using the technology to design and test their products.

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This Week in HPC

Lenovo Lauches ARM Server Project, and IBM Doubles Down on Software-Defined Storage

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