A Quantum Leap in Computing, Maybe

Quantum Computing has been a concept since the 1980’s that has remained outside the domain of real-world high performance computing. Through the era of Moore’s Law and exponential progress in feature size, clock rates, and resulting performance, the need for alternative paradigms and technologies has attracted little attention or interest. But there has remained a curiosity among a limited community.

Moscow University: Four Years of GPU Excellence

Hosting one of of the most powerful supercomputer centers in the world, Moscow State University is deeply committed to all aspects of supercomputing technology development. As a reflection of this mission, MSU has been a CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE) for the last four years, using and disseminating GPU technology within Russian science, education and industry.

Intersect360 Research Releases Predictions for HPC in 2015

The drive toward exascale computing, a renewed emphasis on data-centric processing, energy efficiency concerns, and the limitations of memory and I/O performance are all working to reshape High Performance Computing platforms, according to Intersect360 Research’s Top Six Predictions for HPC in 2015.

ISC Cloud & Big Data is Now Open for Research Paper Submission

The organizers of the inaugural ISC Cloud & Big Data conference are pleased to offer engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and the government the opportunity to be a part of this new forum.

Adaptive Computing Appoints Marty Smuin as CEO

Adaptive Computing, the company that powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, today announced it has named Marty Smuin, the former head of business development and worldwide sales, as CEO.

Enzymes prove no match for supercomputers

Since phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes play a role in many inflammatory diseases, it stands to reason they can usher in a new class of anti-inflammatory medication.

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