New viruses implicated in fatal snake disease

In this latest EGI case study, discover how the Chipster platform is helping virologists to make sense of millions of virus genomes.

Designing Energy-Aware MPI Communication Library: Opportunities and Challenges

By Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda; Power is considered the major impediment in designing the next-generation exascale systems. In recent years, the TOP500 and Green500 lists have been focusing on both performance and power consumption.

CCRT in France Acquires 1.4 Petaflop “Cobalt” Supercomputer from Bull

Atos announced that the French CEA and its industrial partners at the Centre for Computing Research and Technology, CCRT, have invested in a new 1.4 petaflop Bull supercomputer.

Alison Kennedy Named Hartree Centre Director

Today the STFC Hartree Centre in the U.K. announced that Alison Kennedy will be joining the centre as its new Director at the end of March 2016.

The impact of the U.S. supercomputing initiative will be global

By Dona Crawford; Last July, President Obama issued an executive order that created a coordinated federal strategy for HPC research, development, and deployment called the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). This bold, necessary step toward building the next generation of supercomputers has inaugurated a new era for U.S. high performance computing (HPC).

The Dawn of a Next-Generation Supercomputer Approach from Intel

Watching Intel over the years as they have continually integrated more of PC and server resources into their silicon and provided consistent architecture roadmaps, it’s not surprising that they are now taking that approach on a system level to advance high-performance computing (HPC).

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