Shape the Future with Deep Learning and Intel® Scalable System Framework

Deep learning has reinvigorated research in machine learning and inspired a gold rush of technology innovation in a variety of fields and across a wide range of markets ranging from Internet search, to social media, to real-time robotics, self-driving vehicles, drones and more.

HPC4Mfg shows why supercomputing matters to industry and consumers

Back in February, the US Department of Energy’s High Performance Computing for Manufacturing program (HPC4Mfg) announced its first awards for advancing industry manufacturing projects using national lab supercomputing resources and expertise.

Translating HPC speak

By Andrew Jones; High Performance Computing (HPC) is a vocal sport. We are always lobbying for something. Or giving talks at conferences. Or writing blogs. But sometimes we need a bit of help to translate what HPC people say into what they really mean …

Simulating stars with less computing power

For the first time, a research team has harnessed the JUQUEEN supercomputer to find a way to simulate the fusion of heavier elements within stars.

Intel® Omni Path Architecture Makes Serious Headway

At ISC14, over 18 months ago, Intel began talking about their next-generation fabric technology, Intel® Omni-Path Architecture. Their new fabric for High Performance Computing and low-latency scale-out systems is part of the Intel® Scalable Systems Framework, a new design approach for scalable, flexible HPC systems.

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This Week in HPC

Intel Cuts Ten Percent of Work Force and REleases Knights Landing Developer Platform

Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss the top news in HPC, including Intel's workforce cuts and new Knights Landing developer platform.