TOP #1 Systems

The first version of what became today’s TOP500 list started as an exercise for a small conference in Germany in June 1993. Out of curiosity, we decided to revisit the list in November 1993 to see how things had changed. About that time we realized we might be on to something and decided to continue compiling the list. Never in our wildest expectations did we think the list would become the much-anticipated, much-watched and much-debated twice-yearly event that it is today.

To mark our 20th anniversary and the 40th edition of the list, we have created a series of posters recognizing each of the 15 supercomputers to lead the list over the years. Those posters are reproduced in this brochure, along with profiles of the four authors, a short discussion of the list and its use of the Linpack benchmark, and a series of graphs highlighting trends over the past 20 years. 

In the last 20 years, the following systems made it to the top of the TOP500 lists:

The brochure and posters published during the SC conference to celebrate the 20th anniversary can be downloaded from here (login required, please create an account to download the posters).