TOP500 News Team




Michael Feldman, Managing Editor

Michael Feldman has covered the high performance computing industry for 10 years, first as the managing editor of HPCwire, then as a market research analyst at Intersect360 Research. During that time, he established himself as trusted voice in the HPC community. Prior to his work as a journalist and industry analyst, Michael was a software engineer, a career that spanned 25 years, and included projects in compiler/runtime platforms, software development tools, and real-time embedded systems.




Martin Meuer, Publisher

Martin Meuer is the ISC Conference General Co-Chair and Managing Director of the ISC Group. Since 2002, he has been a great force in expanding the ISC brand beyond Europe, and elevating the ISC exhibition to an international stature. Prior to joining ISC Group, Martin held various positions in the IT security sector. He holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.


Thomas Meuer, Publisher

Thomas Meuer is the ISC Conference General Co-Chair and Managing Director of ISC Group since 2014. From 2007 – 2014, he was the company’s financial director. He holds a graduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Prior to joining ISC Group, Thomas spent over 10 years in IT Security, Consulting, Finance and Risk Management in various multinational companies, serving lastly as an IT Audit Manager at KPMG in Berlin.




Anna Schorr, Brand & Business Development Manager

Anna Schorr is responsible for the branding of all divisions of ISC Group, including ISC High Performance, TOP500 and ZetaLeads. She acts as a project manager for the TOP500 business unit by coordinating efforts to develop the TOP500 website and its news offering. Before joining ISC Group, Anna held several marketing positions in the telecommunications and hospitality sectors. She holds an M.A. degree in Communication Studies and Media Research, Business Administration and Intercultural Communications from the LMU Munich.


Nages Sieslack, Marketing Communications Manager

Nages Sieslack manages the marketing communications of all ISC Group businesses, including the ISC High Performance conference and TOP500. In her role, she promotes the ISC conference and TOP500 project to all stakeholders via a number of communication channels, including the press and social media. She also develops sponsorship programs with publications and other HPC-related conferences. Part of her responsibilities includes building relationships with HPC community members. Nages speaks four languages and is adept in cross-cultural communication. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and an M.S. in Marketing.


Josiah Tabor, Sales Manager

Josiah Tabor is part of the ISC Group sales team, working on both the ISC High Performance conference and the TOP500 project. He manages all sales activities related to the TOP500 and Green500 brands and supports advertisers in finding the most suitable opportunities to achieve their marketing goals. Prior to working for ISC Group, Josiah was a consultant for KGM Verlag. He holds an M.B.A in International Business from Schiller International University, Strasbourg.




Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research

Together with Michael Feldman, Addison Snell co-hosts the podcast "This Week in HPC", published weekly on TOP500 News.  He is the CEO of Intersect360 Research and a veteran of the High Performance Computing industry. He launched the company in 2007 as Tabor Research, a division of Tabor Communications, and served as that company's VP/GM until he and his partner, Christopher Willard, Ph.D., acquired Tabor Research in 2009. During his tenure, Addison has established Intersect360 Research as a premier source of market information, analysis, and consulting. 






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