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Mellanox Turns in Record Quarter on Strength of Ethernet Business

Mellanox Technologies booked $268.5 million for the second quarter of 2018, establishing a new high-water mark for the company.

AWS Unveils New HPC Instances with Fast Cores

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new set of instances designed for applications that can benefit from high core performance.

Intel and Micron Will Part Ways on 3D XPoint

After six years of joint development on 3D XPoint technology, Intel and Micron have decided to call it quits.

Achieving Zen in China; HPE Wins Blue Brain 5

Episode 234: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss China's Zen and Switzerland's Big Blue Brain.

A Tightening Exascale Race Reveals Underlying Forces Shaping Supercomputing

The competition between the US, China, and Japan to field the first exascale supercomputer looks a lot closer than it did a couple of years ago. But the real significance of the narrowing schedules reflects a shift in technology preferences and a trend toward domestic control of HPC hardware.

Neuromorphic Computing Breaks New Ground in Brain Simulation

A massively parallel neuromorphic computer, known as SpiNNaker, has been used to perform a brain simulation on par with the best results obtained on a conventional supercomputer.

AI Predicts Side Effects of Drug Interactions

Computer scientists from Stanford University have developed a convolutional neural network that can predict side effects when drugs are taken in combination.

European Processor Initiative Takes Aim at Exascale; HPC Cloud Computing on the Upswing

Episode 233: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss the European exascale initiative and Intersect360 Research's HPC market overview.

Blue Brain Project Installs HPE Supercomputer

The Blue Brain Project has deployed its fifth-generation supercomputer to support its mission of simulating an entire mammalian brain by 2020.

China Begins Domestic Production of AMD Server CPUs

Chinese chipmaker Hygon is now manufacturing Zen-based x86 CPUs using a licensing agreement it signed with AMD in 2016.