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Intel Announces Optane DIMMs, Aims to Disrupt Memory/Storage Hierarchy

Intel has unveiled its much-anticipated non-volatile memory (NVM) modules based on its 3D XPoint technology.

Intel Launches New Xeon-FPGA Hybrid; Google Raises Bar on Natural Language AI

Episode 224: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman examine Intel’s latest offering and the evolution of natural-language AI at Google.

NVIDIA Brings HPC and AI Under Single Platform with HGX-2

At Taiwan’s GPU Technology Conference this week, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced the HGX-2, a 16-GPU reference design aimed at some of the most computationally demanding HPC and AI workloads. As a reflection of its tightly integrated design, Jensen characterized the platform as the “the world’s largest GPU.”

Slovenia and China Team Up on New HPC Lab

On Monday, a joint Slovenian-Chinese virtual laboratory for high performance computing was launched, kicking off a multi-year collaboration between the two countries.

Fujitsu Boots Up Quantum Computing Cloud Service

Earlier this month Fujitsu launched a quantum computing cloud service based on its very own quantum computing processor, known as the Digital Annealing Unit (DAU).