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Intel Announces Optane DIMMs, Aims to Disrupt Memory/Storage Hierarchy

Intel has unveiled its much-anticipated non-volatile memory (NVM) modules based on its 3D XPoint technology.

Intel Launches New Xeon-FPGA Hybrid; Google Raises Bar on Natural Language AI

Episode 224: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman examine Intel’s latest offering and the evolution of natural-language AI at Google.

NVIDIA Brings HPC and AI Under Single Platform with HGX-2

At Taiwan’s GPU Technology Conference this week, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced the HGX-2, a 16-GPU reference design aimed at some of the most computationally demanding HPC and AI workloads. As a reflection of its tightly integrated design, Jensen characterized the platform as the “the world’s largest GPU.”

Slovenia and China Team Up on New HPC Lab

On Monday, a joint Slovenian-Chinese virtual laboratory for high performance computing was launched, kicking off a multi-year collaboration between the two countries.

Fujitsu Boots Up Quantum Computing Cloud Service

Earlier this month Fujitsu launched a quantum computing cloud service based on its very own quantum computing processor, known as the Digital Annealing Unit (DAU).

Intel Lays Out New Roadmap for AI Portfolio

At Intel’s inaugural AI DevCon conference this week, AI Products Group chief Naveen Rao updated their roadmap for its artificial intelligence chips. The changes will impact the much-anticipated Neural Network Processor, and to a lesser degree, its general-purpose products like Xeons and FPGAs.

Cavium Finally Releases ThunderX2 Chips; Google Unveils Third-Generation TPU

Episode 223: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze this week's product announcements from Cavium and Google.

Intel, Micron Ship First QLC Flash Memory Products

Intel and Micron together announced the industry’s first commercial quad-level cell (QLC) memory products, providing the highest density NAND components on the market.

Cray Continues Hot Streak in Earth Science Wins with JMA Deployment

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has installed two Cray XC50 supercomputers, further cementing Cray’s position as the leading supplier of HPC systems for weather and climate centers.

Chip Startup Unveils Processor That Aims to Scale the Datacenter Power Wall

Tachyum, a Silicon Valley startup has unveiled a new processor that the company says can tackle a broad range of workloads in HPC, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and web services, while using a fraction of the power of existing chips.