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German University Will Deploy FPGA-Powered Cray Supercomputer

Paderborn University has selected a Cray CS500 cluster accelerated by FPGAs as the first phase of its Noctua multi-petaflop supercomputer.

Where Memory Meets Storage

The last 18 months have seen NVMe drives rise to the forefront of high-performance storage technology, becoming the preferred option for anyone with sufficient budget to include them in their procurement. Only a paucity of PCI lanes and the unfortunately timed spike in NAND prices have tempered the growth in these high-end storage sales. But both are temporary problems.

AI, Graphics, and Scientific Computing; All Things GPU at GTC18

Episode 217: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman review the news from NVIDIA's GTC18 conference.

Satoshi Matsuoka Moves to RIKEN to Head Up Its Supercomputing Center

Japan’s foremost supercomputing authority, Satoshi Matsuoka, has become the new director of the RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), the organization that oversees the K computer and its upcoming exascale successor, the Post-K supercomputer.