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TOP500 Meanderings: HPCG Gains Steam as Alternative Benchmark for Supercomputers

After just three years in the field, the High Performance Gradients (HPCG) benchmark is emerging as the first viable new metric for the high performance computing crowd in decades. The latest HPCG list compiled last November shows 115 supercomputer entries spread across 16 countries.

Researchers Build Memristor-Transistor Hybrid Device That Mimics Neurons

A research team at Northwestern University has developed a “memtransitor,” a device that could be the basis for advanced neuromorphic computers.

Startup Launches Solver-as-a-Service Cloud Offering for Manufacturers

OnScale has emerged from stealth mode, unveiling a suite of CAE tools and plugins designed to run in HPC cloud environments.

Software Breakthrough Paves the Way for Full Brain Simulations on Exascale Supercomputers

An international team of researchers have developed an algorithm that represents a big step toward simulating an entire human brain on future exascale systems.

Lenovo Launches New HPC Platform; White House Floats Budget for Exascale

Episode 214: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze this week's top HPC news, including Lenovo's new water-cooled HPC system and the latest US Exascale project budget.