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AWS Adds New Instances, Network Enhancements for HPC

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two new HPC cloud instances that support 100Gbps networking, as well as a network interface that supports MPI communication that can scale to tens of thousands of cores.

Russian Company Develops Mobile Petascale Supercomputer

Roselectronika, a holding company of Rostec State Corporation, claims to have built a “compact mobile supercomputer” that can achieve 2.2 petaflops and has a storage capacity of 2.2 petabytes.

NVIDIA Expands GPU Computing Mindshare with HGX-2

NVIDIA continues to rack up wins with HGX-2, the company’s 16-GPU server platform for accelerating artificial intelligence, analytics, and HPC.

More News From SC18; Updates from Atos, Mellanox, and Panasas

Episode 252: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman analyze their takeaways from SC18, including news from Atos, Mellanox, and Panasas.

Atos Broadens HPC Portfolio with Modular Supercomputer

Atos has announced the BullSequana XH2000, which the company is touting as its most flexible and energy efficient HPC platform to date.