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Swinburne University Makes Leap to Petascale with New Supercomputer

Melbourne’s Swinburne University is going to deploy its first petascale supercomputer, a Dell EMC machine that will be tasked to support cutting-edge astrophysics and other scientific research.

Microsoft Boosts HPC Cloud Aspirations with Acquisition of Cycle Computing

Microsoft has bought Cycle Computing, an established provider of cloud orchestration tools for high performance computing users. The acquisition offers the prospect of tighter integration between Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure and Cycle’s software, but suggests an uncertain future for the technology on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google’s cloud platform.

NASA Launches Supercomputer Servers into Space

Using off-the-shelf servers, NASA and HPE are devising a way to allow a Mars-bound spacecraft to house an on-board supercomputer.

Startup Aims to Ease the Pain of Developing Machine Learning Applications

One of the biggest impediments to more widespread use of AI is the lack of developer expertise in machine learning software.  Bonsai, a startup based in Berkeley, California, is looking to change that in a big way by offering a platform that abstracts away a lot of the low-level nuts and bolts that makes machine learning such a daunting challenge for businesses.

Nimbus Data Unveils 50TB Flash Drive, on Path to 500TB

Flash storage specialist Nimbus Data has announced ExaDrive, an SSD that offers more capacity than any commercial hard disk drive (HDD) available today.

Free Supercomputing Course Offered Online

A free online course on the basics of supercomputing will be available on August 28 for anyone who signs up this month.

TaihuLight Explores Mysteries of the Universe; China Aims for AI Leadership

Episode 188: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss two big announcements out of China.

IBM Pushes Envelope in Deep Learning Scalability

This week IBM demonstrated software that was able to significantly boost the speed of training deep neural networks, while improving the accuracy of those networks. The software achieved this by dramatically increasing the scalability of these training applications across large number of GPUs.

ORNL Begins Construction of Summit Supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has begun to install Summit, the IBM-NVIDIA-powered system that is likely to become the most powerful supercomputer in the world when completed.

NIH Receives Major Supercomputer Upgrade

CSRA, a system integrator and service company, has installed the second phase of the Biowulf supercomputer at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than doubling the system’s capacity.