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High Performance Storage Provider WekaIO Emerges from Stealth Mode

WekaIO, a startup offering a cloud-based storage platform that can support exabytes of data in single namespace, emerged from stealth earlier this week. The company is touting the new product as “the world’s fastest distributed file system.”

Growing Core Count Led Intel to Mesh Architecture

One of the more significant architectural advancements in Intel’s new Xeon scalable processor, aka Skylake, is the use of a mesh interconnect that link cores and other on-chip componentry.

Intel Forges New Xeon Line Under Scalable Processor Banner

After already shipping more than half a million of its next-generation Xeon products to customers, Intel officially launched its new Xeon scalable processor product line. The chipmaker is calling it the “biggest data center advancement in a decade.”

Fujitsu Will Pursue AI with Custom-Built Processor

Japanese computer-maker Fujitsu is developing an AI-specific microprocessor called the Deep Learning Unit (DLU). The company’s goal is to produce a chip that delivers 10 times better performance per watt than the competition.

Mellanox Opens Up Ethernet Performance Lead with 200GbE Switches

Mellanox has entered new territory with its recently announced Spectrum-2 line of Ethernet switches, which supports speeds of 200 gigabits per second and beyond.