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China Puts Forth Plan to Become World Leader in Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese government has released a three-phase plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence. According to a document published by the country’s State Council, the development and deployment of AI is seen as a strategic opportunity to the country, and will be worth 10 trillion yuan (1.49 trillion USD) to the nation’s economy by 2030.

Cray Brings ClusterStor Product Line In-House

Cray has signed an agreement with Seagate to take over its ClusterStor high performance storage array business.

NVIDIA Releases First V100 GPUs into the Wild

NVIDIA has donated 15 V100 Tesla GPUs to researchers attending the recent Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Honolulu. The giveaway was described in a blog posted by the company on July 22.

EPYC vs Skylake Round One; Cray Right-Sizes to Market Conditions

Episode 186: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss real-world comparisons of Skylake and EPYC, and consider Cray's latest layoffs.

India Gearing Up for Big Supercomputing Expansion

A number of news outlets in India are reporting the government is close to deploying six new supercomputers, two of which will deliver a peak performance of two petaflops.

With EPYC, AMD Offers Serious Competition to Intel in HPC

While a number of commentators have written off AMD’s prospects of competing against Intel in HPC, testing of the latest server silicon from each chipmaker has revealed that the EPYC chip offers some surprising performance advantages against Intel’s newest "Skylake" Xeon destined for the datacenter. 

Cray Sheds 14 Percent of Workforce

Supercomputer-maker Cray is implementing a “restructuring plan” in which the company will lay off approximately 190 of its 1,300 workers.

New Supercomputer Brings Deep Learning Capabilities to CSIRO

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has deployed a Dell EMC supercomputer outfitted with NVIDIA’s P100 GPUs.  The system, known as “Bracewell,” will nearly double the computational power available to CSIRO researchers.

Skylake Goes for Gold… and Platinum; Intel Launches Xeon Scalable Platform

Episode 185: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss the latest announcement from Intel.

Financial Analyst Takes Critical Look at IBM Watson

A report published by James Kisner, an equity analyst at global investment banking firm Jeffries, shot a few holes in IBM’s Watson and the company’s cognitive computing strategy. Along the way, Kisner offered some interesting insights into the AI market and some of the major players competing in the space.