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Europe Sets Exascale Supercomputing Goal Amid Divisions on How to Achieve It

In March, ministers from seven of the largest European countries signed a declaration that established a timeline for fielding two exascale supercomputers in 2022. The agreement also specified that at least one of these systems will be based on European technology, although, as it turns out, not everyone seems to think this is the best way forward.

AMD Plays Catch-Up in Deep Learning with New GPUs and Open Source Strategy

AMD is looking to penetrate the deep learning market with a new line of Radeon GPU cards optimized for processing neural networks, along with a suite of open source software meant to offer an alternative to NVIDIA’s more proprietary CUDA ecosystem.

AMD Makes EPYC Launch; Lenovo and IBM News from ISC

Episode 182: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss AMD's launch of EPYC, plus news from IBM and Lenovo.

Supercomputing Centers Have Become Showcases for Competing HPC Technologies

Even though there wasn’t much turnover in the latest TOP500 list, a number of new petascale supercomputers appeared that reflect a number of interesting trends in the way HPC architectures are evolving. For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll focus on three of these new systems: Stampede2, TSUBAME 3.0, and MareNostrum 4.

Where Will Future HPC Leaders Come From?

There are many people whose primary role is running HPC centres, fighting for funding, architecting and delivering HPC services to users. Unfortunately, the development and training opportunities to help future HPC service managers learn essential skills are scarce.