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HPC Dodges Budget Axe; China Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Episode 172: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman react to U.S. HPC budget news, and China's announcement of a quantum computing breakthrough.

AMD Sets Launch Date for Next-Generation Processor

AMD has revealed that servers based on its future x86 datacenter processors, codenamed “Naples,” will be available in June. The company has branded the upcoming family of Zen-based server SoCs with the moniker, EPYC.

HPE Unveils New Prototype of Memory-Driven Computer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has introduced what looks to be the final prototype of “The Machine,” an HPE research project aimed at developing a memory-driven computing architecture for the era of big data. According to HPE CTO Mark Potter: “The architecture we have unveiled can be applied to every computing category—from intelligent edge devices to supercomputers.”

With Volta, NVIDIA Pushes Harder into the Cloud

Amid all the fireworks around the Volta V100 processor at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) last week, NVIDIA also devoted a good deal of time to their new cloud offering, the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). With NGC, along with its new Volta offerings, the company is now poised to play both ends of the cloud market: as a hardware provider and as a platform-as-a service provider.

Cray Storms Machine Learning Market with New Accelerated Clusters

Cray has launched two variants of its CS-Storm platform, which are designed principally for the fast-moving AI and data analytics markets. The new systems can be configured with up to 10 GPUs or FPGAs per node, offering some of the most computationally dense accelerator solutions on the market today.

Canada Begins Big Petascale Push; Machine Learning Catches a Wave

Episode 171: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman react to Canada's Petascale announcement and discuss Wave Computing's plans to break into machine learning.

NVIDIA Raises Performance Bar with Volta GPU

Riding a wave of excitement for all things AI, NVIDIA has launched the Volta GPU. The revamped architecture sets a new standard for computing performance in HPC, deep learning, and accelerated databases. The new platform was unveiled by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on Wednesday morning.

NVIDIA Reports Strong First Quarter on Record Datacenter Revenue

NVIDIA has reported Q1 revenue of $1.94 billion, buoyed by record datacenter sales of $409 million. The datacenter business has been growing by leaps and bounds for the graphics chipmaker, thanks largely to the rapidly expanding market for high GPUs in deep learning.

Supermicro, Inspur, Boston Limited Unveil High-Density GPU Servers

As NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicks off this week in San Jose, California, vendors are lining up to announce their latest GPU computing wares. Even before the main conference festivities commenced, Supermicro, Inspur, and Boston Limited took the opportunity to launch their new NVIDIA Tesla P100 servers.

Intel Consolidates Xeon Product Lines

The much-anticipated unification of Intel’s Xeon E3, E5 and E7 product lines is upon us. Starting with the upcoming “Skylake” datacenter chips, all Xeons will now fall under the new Xeon Scalable Processor (SP) family.