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AMD Readies Naples Processor for Battle in Server Arena

AMD announced this week it will being shipping its new “Naples” server CPU in the second quarter of 2017, hoping to disrupt Intel’s hegemony in the server market. The upcoming chip looks to be the first CPU from AMD to offer a credible challenge to Xeon in the datacenter in nearly a decade.

Fujitsu to Deliver Deep Learning Supercomputer to RIKEN

Japanese computer maker Fujitsu has announced it will build a deep learning supercomputer for RIKEN that will be used to spur research and development of AI technology. The new machine, which is schedule to go into operation in April, will be a blend of NVIDIA DGX-1 and Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2530 M2 servers.

IBM Sets Stage for Quantum Computing Business

IBM has revealed its intentions to commercial its quantum computing technology being developed under its research division. Although the company didn’t offer a definitive timeline or even a roadmap for the product set, it set down some markers on what such an endeavor would entail.

Investors Place Their Bet on AI-Generated Music

Amper, a startup that has offers an AI platform that composes new music, is garnering the attention of venture capitalists. Last week it attracting $4 million in additional funding, adding to a previous round of seed funding that took place last year.

TOP500 Meanderings: Supercomputers for Weather Forecasting Have Come a Long Way

Behind the scenes of practically every weather forecast we encounter today are some of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. An armchair analysis of the world's top systems reveals some interesting aspects about the HPC technologies and machinery being used to generate these forecasts.