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DOE Researchers Build Automated Neural Network Generator

Using the Titan supercomputer at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a research team has developed an evolutionary algorithm that they claim can generate custom neural networks that “match or exceed the performance of handcrafted artificial intelligence systems.”

LANL Turns to Raspberry Pi for Supercomputing Solution

Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) has installed a 750-node HPC testbed using Raspberry Pi technology.

Stephen Hawkings Research Group Will Use HPE Supercomputer for Cosmology Work

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has found a high-profile customer for its newly minted Superdome Flex in-memory computing platform.

ORNL Expands Quantum Computing Effort

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) recently acquired the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), a quantum computing simulator that lets researchers create qubit-friendly algorithms. The deployment is part of a larger effort at ORNL to develop quantum computing technologies at the US Department of Energy.

Inspur Will Build Volta GPU-Powered Supercomputer for Chinese University

Inspur has been tasked to build a one petaflop supercomputer for Central China Normal University (CCNU), which will use the system to host both traditional HPC applications and deep learning workloads.