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Cray and Microsoft Team Up on Supercomputing-in-the-Cloud Offering

Cray and Microsoft have announced a new HPC cloud solution that brings dedicated supercomputers into Azure datacenters.

Fujitsu Wins Big Supercomputing Contract; Intel Unveils Its Quantum Computing Chip

Episode 196: Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss Fujitsu's big AI win; plus Intel's Quantum Computing move.

Google Latest AlphaGo AI Program Crushes Its Predecessor

Google’s DeepMind team has reinvented AlphaGo, and this latest iteration was able to resoundingly beat the previous version that defeated Go champ Lee Sedol in 2016, by a score of 100 to 0.

Altair CTO Touts Data-Driven Model for Exascale Computing

Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer at Altair, thinks much of the value of exascale computing will be provided by machine learning and other data-driven techniques.

Intel Will Ship First Neural Network Chip This Year

In an editorial posted on Intel’s news site, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced they would be releasing the company’s first AI processor before the end of 2017. The new chip, formally codenamed “Lake Crest,” will be officially known as the Nervana Neural Network Processor, or NNP, for short.