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IBM Introduces New Power Servers; Mergers and Acquisitions Update

Addison Snell and Michael Feldman ponder the various mergers and acquisitions shaking up the HPC industry.

Japan Runs into Detour on Exascale Roadmap

The rumors about a setback in the development of Japan’s first exascale system have apparently been borne out.  This week at the HPC User Forum in Austin, Texas, Dr. Yutaka Ishikawa, project lead for the Post-K supercomputer at RIKEN, admitted the effort will be delayed by one to two years.

IBM Raises Performance Bar with New Dual-CPU/Quad-GPU Server

IBM has unveiled what is probably the most powerful server the company has ever offered and one of the most computationally dense on the planet. The new S822LC for High Performance Computing, as it is called, is equipped with two IBM Power8 processors and four of NVIDIA’s latest Tesla P100 GPUs. As such, IBM is first OEM to go to market with Pascal GPU-accelerated servers incorporating NVLink technology.

Software Investment Firm Buys Adaptive Computing

ALA Services LLC has acquired long-time HPC player Adaptive Computing for an undisclosed sum of money. Adaptive will be run as an independent entity under the new ownership and retain the management structure of the current regime, including CEO Marty Smuin.

Google Forges Path to Quantum Computing

Over the years, there have been a torrent of “breakthroughs” in quantum computing research. But for the first time since in many years, the technology looks to be on the verge of fulfilling its promises. Thanks to an ambitious effort at Google, quantum computing may become a reality within the next two or three years. A report at the New Scientist unravels Googles plans to commercialize the technology and attain what the company is calling “quantum supremacy.”