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Amazon Adds FPGA Instance to Public Cloud

In a blog post published last week, Amazon Web Services Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr announced a new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance, known as the F1, which incorporates Xilinx FPGAs. The web giant says users will not only be able to build FPGA-accelerated applications for their own purposes with the new instance, but also resell them in the AWS Marketplace to third parties.

Uber Adds AI Labs Division, Acquires Machine Learning Startup

Uber has taken another definitive step toward eliminating human drivers from its fleet of vehicles.  This week, the ride service pioneer created a research division, known as AI Labs, while simultaneously acquiring machine learning startup Geometric Intelligence for an undisclosed sum.

HPE Unveils Prototype of "The Machine"

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has demonstrated a prototype of “The Machine,” the company’s much talked about R&D project to develop a new computer architecture for the big data age. But rather than developing a reference platform for future systems, the effort has been refocused to develop a set of technologies that will be scattered across HPE’s product portfolio.

Seagate Preps New ClusterStor System for Commercial Debut

Seagate Technology is getting ready to release ClusterStor 300N, the company’s latest scale-out storage system for high performance computing. Announced in November at SC16 in Salt Lake City, the system will be generally available for purchase in January.

Barcelona Supercomputer Center Opts for Diversity in Next Iteration of MareNostrum

The next-generation MareNostrum 4 supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC) will have an unusual configuration, to say the least. Instead of selecting a single architecture for the new machine, the powers that be at BSC have decided to build a system that consists of multiple platforms, incorporating a diverse set of technologies from IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Intel and NVIDIA.