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AI Technology Mashup Gives Voice to Transgender Activist in Nepal

If you’re a transgender political activist located in the small mountainous kingdom of Nepal, how do you get your story out to the global community? Well if your name is Bhumika Shrestha, you use some of the most advanced information technologies from IBM, Google, Facebook, and Amazon to create a web platform for talking to the world.

Amazon Boosts AWS Offerings with K80 GPU Instances

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the availability of a new GPU computing instance based on NVIDIA’s Tesla K80 devices. With up to eight K80s per instance, the web giant has leapfrogged its cloud competition with the most GPU-dense configurations in a public cloud offering.

SC16 Shines a Light on Gender Diversity in HPC

In a year in which a woman has a good chance of becoming the leader of the free world, talk of gender diversity has become pervasive. Even in the secluded confines of the HPC community, discussions of the underrepresentation of women in supercomputing has become a real topic, and at no time has this become more apparent than in the run-up to SC16.