Top #1 Systems

In the last 20 years, the following systems made it to the top of the TOP500 lists:

Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2) : National University of Defense Technology
Titan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sequoia: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
K Computer: RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
Tianhe-1A: National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin
Jaguar: Oak ridge National Laboratory
Roadrunner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
BlueGene/L: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The Earth Simulator: Earth Simulator Center
ASCI White: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
ASCI Red: Sandia National Laboratory
CP-PACS: University of Tsukuba
Hitachi SR2201: University of Tokyo
Intel XP/S 140 Paragon: Sandia National Labs
Numerical Wind Tunnel: National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan
CM-5: Los Alamos National Lab