Intel Hits Refresh on Datacenter Vision

This week we were on hand for Intel’s “Rearchitecting the Datacenter” event, which offered a glimpse into how the company imagines its future path along both low power and high performance server routes.

In addition to the announcement of key details around the Atom family and upcoming Avoton and Rangeley, and a general roadmap for the 14nm products expected to roll out in the next few years, the emphasis was on integration between hardware and software. From software defined storage and networks to the role of fabrics in typing together low and super-power cores, the company collected its strategy under a number of nets--one of which was HPC specifically.

While a great deal of the focus was on web-scale and enterprise datacenters, the company’s HPC lead, Raj Hazra, gave a detailed presentation about how new trends can push HPC into a greater “knowledge economy” and into more mainstream (beyond the “traditional” academic and government arenas) contexts.